OpenGL With Kdevelop

Robert Robert
Mon Jan 10 03:10:58 UTC 2000


I have uploaded the file 'kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl_diff.tar.gz' to your FTP server's
incoming directory.  Although the file name includes the 'beta4.1' name, this patch
works on KDevelop 1.0 just fine.

I noticed that someone else had asked about Open GL with KDevelop so I will be
replying to this person with info about this patch.  This patch adds an extra option
to the "NEW PROJECT" dialog allowing for the creation of an OpenGL project.

The following are the instructions I have been sending people who have requested
copies of the patch.

*****INSERT HERE******
Archive file - kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl_diff.tar.gz (NOTE: This patch also works
with KDEVELOP 1.0)

How to Install/Apply:

After UN-tarring KDevelop itself, copy the file mentioned above into the base
KDevelop directory.  If you are working with the beta4.1 release of KDevelop,
and I hope you are because that is what this patch is meant for, the directory
to copy this file into would be "/kdevelop-1.0beta4.1", without the quotes, and
preceded by whatever path you are putting all of this into.

UN-tar the above mentioned file ('tar -xzf kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl_diff.tar.gz').

This will extract three files. One, 'normalOglApp.bmp', will be placed into the
./kdevelop/pics directory.  This is a 'picture' of an OGL application that will
be shown in the Application Wizard.  The second file, 'normalogl.tar.gz' will
be placed in the ./kdevelop/templates directory.  This file is an archive of
all of the source files needed for the base OpenGL application used by KDevelop
to set up a new application.  The third file, 'kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl.diff',
is the patch file, and will be placed in the current directory.

To apply the patch, type "patch -p1 < kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl.diff" (without
the quotes).

One more thing.  You must have the QT OpenGL extensions compiled and the
libraries created and installed for OpenGL to work.  This extension is not
compiled by default.  See the QT documentation for guidance on this.

Now you should be able to do the './configure', 'make',
'make install' deal and all is well, right?  Now, If all went as planned, you can
remove the .diff file and the .gz file.

The base application, when compiled and executed, creates the OpenGL workspace
(window) and draw three lines corresponding to the X, Y, and Z axis.  The show
is yours from here.  You can erase the code that draws the axis, add to it, or

This code has not been extensively tested, but being only a skeleton application,
there isn't much there to test.

OpenGL is definitely a powerful graphics language, and as more video boards are
supported with accelerated drivers (I'm waiting for MACH64 Acceleration),
should be extremely fast.

Good Luck!
****END OF INSERT******

Please contact me if there are any questions.


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