OpenGL With Kdevelop

Sandy Meier smeier at
Mon Jan 10 10:54:27 UTC 2000

Am Mon, 10 Jan 2000 schrieb Robert.M.Wheat, "Jr.":
> Hello,
> I have uploaded the file 'kdevelop-1.0beta4.1_ogl_diff.tar.gz' to your FTP server's
> incoming directory.  Although the file name includes the 'beta4.1' name, this patch
> works on KDevelop 1.0 just fine.
> I noticed that someone else had asked about Open GL with KDevelop so I will be
> replying to this person with info about this patch.  This patch adds an extra option
> to the "NEW PROJECT" dialog allowing for the creation of an OpenGL project.


Really nice patch!!! Unfortunaly on my system (SuSE 6.2) I must add "-lXmu"
to the linkeroptions, otherwise it would't link correct. :-( Is this "libXmu"
avaible on all systems?


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