paul simdars psimdars at
Fri Jan 7 15:46:54 UTC 2000

I went to the KDevelop Homepage to download a copy.  I saw the article
"How I INstalled Kdevelop on Red Hat 6.0" by Rod Roark.  I have RedHat
6.0 so I got the article and thought I followed it but it did not work.
He mentioned 2 ways to install the files (one creating a link and the
other with a --prefix option) . I tried them both.  I may be doing
something wrong.
Then I thought I'd try something else.  I put in my RedHat CD and
updated with Perl and flex and autoconf and automake and Qt (that is,
everything on the list in the documentation (chapter 2.
Installationnn).  Some of the items on the list did not seem to come
with my distribution.  I had autoconf and automake but I could not find
GNU make (is that different than the automake?).  Nor did I have the GNU
gettext (unless the packages are listed by a different name).  I assume
that since I have the KDE desktop installed that I have KDE 1.1.x at
When I go to the console and type the various names with the --version
switch I get:
                           g++               egcs-2.91.66
                           perl              5 .005_03 build for
                           autoconf     2.13
                           automake    1.4a
                           flex                2.5.4

As I said, I don't know what the name for the GNU make or gettext is so
I don't know how to get the version from the console.  And although
I updatedd Qt from the CD, I have tried "QT --version", "Qt --version",
and "qt --version" and get nothing.  It should be installed but I don't
know how to find out.

Anyway, that is what I have installed.  I downloaded the "current
snapshot" (I got the one for Qt 1.44).  I did the "./configure", the
"make" and "make install".  It all seemed to go well.   But I don't
think it is installed.  That is, there is no icon and I tried typing
"KDevelop", "Kdevelop" and "kdevelop" on the console and it says the
command is not found.

Anywhere to go from here?   Or if this is not the place to send this
question, could you tell me where I might send it?
Thank you for your time and help.

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