KDevelop 1.0 beta 4 (feedback)

Sandy Meier smeier at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Jan 7 10:06:39 UTC 2000

Hi Christian!

> I think I have two errors to report:
> 1.) In the makefiles creates by kdevelop the c++-Compiler "gcc" is
> refereed as "g++". The command "g++" is unkown on my linux installation
> (standard Suse 6.3), "gcc" is known. A link from gcc to g++ solves this
> problem. 

If you don't have a command "g++" your installation is "broken". Please install
a c++ compiler. 

> 2.)In the application wizzard, when creating a new projekt and hitting
> "Erzeugen" (english: create) an autoconfiguration process starts. The
> log files displayed in the application wizzard window are at the end of
> this email (search for ´error message of "create"´ and ´output of
> "create"´)
> I am sure I have the qt libs, version 1.44, installed. I thing, kdevelop
> should not complain about a missing Qt-library. Perhaps it needs exacly
> 1.4, not 1.44 ?
Maybe you should uninstall the libqt1.3 and set the QTDIR variable to the new
qt version.


P.S: please use only KDevelop 1.0 final.
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