KDevelop presented at CeBit exhibition in Hannover, Germany

Christian Couder chcouder at club-internet.fr
Sun Feb 27 16:37:29 UTC 2000

Hi all!

"W. Tasin" wrote:

> When will KDE 2 be released... or at least a stable (non switching in
> principles) kde2libs?
> Do you know this?
> It would be useful to know this... because if you are porting 1.1 to
> kdelibs 2 and KDE is switching again in some principles you would have a
> new branch, which needs to be supported.
> (See the KAction and K(Dev)Accel problem in KDevelop 2)
> Do you think that KDE developers switched to KDEStudio only for having a
> working KDE 2 version or is the reason the good-looking features (like
> docking etc.)?
> If the reason would be "also" the second one, we should power the
> "normal" KDevelop 2.x branch to make it at least "working"... I think
> this could be also done in some weeks.

I don't know about the state of Kdevelop 2.x but I agree that it's IMHO very important
to have something "working" soon on KDE 2.

> I agree... KDevelop (either 1.1 and 2.x) would be worth to do additional
> work

I agree and I'd like to do some more work on KDevelop 1.1 until KDE2 is released.


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