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Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Sun Feb 27 15:54:02 UTC 2000

Benoit Cerrina wrote:
> If they do there will be the need for an easier way to keep qt1.44 and qt2.0
> together on the same machine.
> I know that it can be made to work now but not conveniently, since the
> library are incompatible there should
> be a complete name change so any app which expects qt1.44 on a qt2 machine
> would find the correct lib and
> headers without any need to change an environment variable or a symbolic
> link.
> Benoit

Ok, after all it was just an idea. I already knew that this would be
much extra work, but with compatibility ensured for KDE 1.x apps, it
should be no problem at all. Just set the old kdebin path after the new
one and apps with the same name get loaded dependend on the KDE version,
am I correct for this ?
That would be a valid solution even for distributors. I guess they will
just leave out kde packages for kde1 where there is no kde2 one or any
need for it.

Then, let´s go ahead on KDevelop 2 !!! I already read Kurt´s tutorial
about construction of menus with XML, is that already realized with
KAction or not ? That would be one part I would volunteer to start with,
also with helping redesing the project management. For that I have an
idea (another one - don´t hit me ;-): How about taking current CProject,
removing project-specific methods like the binary name (not usable for
libraries) and Project subdir (that limits projects on one main subdir,
as does the class parser). Then we can inherit CProject and add classes
for KDE projects, Qt projects, libraries and the like. Whoever wants to
add a new project type creates a class for that type and creates a
framework.  Another part I´m also interested in is making the
menubars/toolbars configurable (as many wished). I will investigate if
that is possible with KAction at runtime to remove/rearrange menus and

What I forgot to tell in my last mail is that I asked the guys at SCO if
they know someone who´s knowledge about compilers and the like for ideas
on code-completion. I´m quite sure they would come up with some ideas
and would provide some help without wanting something. They just asked
for a project type for Motif-based apps and I told them "Write a
template, send it over with the compiler options and I´ll bring it into
the wizard" I think that is not too much promised and would increase the
attraction for commercial use of KDevelop even more than it does with Qt
only (even I think it´s the best solution anyway, but most commercials
are afraid of the costs for the license per developer from what I heard
on the exhibition).



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