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Mon Feb 28 06:52:37 UTC 2000

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Walter Tasin wrote:
> Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > BTW: Talking with the other developers about our roadmap, I came to the

a roadmap for kdevelop2? - is this written down somewhere?

> > conclusion that we might take some time longer than the KDE 2 release to
> > finish KDevelop 2. I would be willing to port the KDevelop 1.1 version
> > to KDE2 (ONLY porting) which could be done quickly and we could provide
> > a running version for KDE 2 within a few weeks. Ohter KDE developers for
> > KDE2 are already switching to use KDEStudio....;-(   We could leave the
> > tag as it is, just start porting from tomorrow on.
> When will KDE 2 be released... or at least a stable (non switching in
> principles) kde2libs?
> Do you know this?
> It would be useful to know this... because if you are porting 1.1 to
> kdelibs 2 and KDE is switching again in some principles you would have a
> new branch, which needs to be supported.
> (See the KAction and K(Dev)Accel problem in KDevelop 2)


Which will be harder

porting the new bits of kdevelop1.1 into kdevelop2.0
porting 1.1 then adding the new pieces from the current kdevelop2.0

There was a lot of work from the kdevelop 2 branch point (which was quite
some time prior to 1.0 IIRC) to the 1.1 version, so finding and changing (if
not obsoleted by new code) is going to be difficult.

I think the amount of work will be a bit of a toss of the coin as to which is
easier, but if a 1.1 port is done then you'll have a better platform to
continue developing kdevelop2.

With either of the two approches, kde2 changing will probably be about an equal


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