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Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.de
Sun Feb 27 14:23:07 UTC 2000

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000 you wrote:

> > > to port the KDevelop 1.1 version
> > > to KDE2 (ONLY porting) which could be done quickly and we could provide
> > > a running version for KDE 2 within a few weeks.
> I think when KDE2 is available Linux will provide/keep the old libraries
> of KDE1 (and Qt-1.44) for compatibility and KDevelop1.1 will run there
> as well.
> I think "just porting" will end up in doing some more patches and
> bugfixes and so on... the effort will be times bigger than we can
> consider now. And that´s not good for KDevelop in general.

I agree. We have already "lost" much time by maintaining 2 branches. I think 
just another branch would be a big mistake in the long run. And as Falk already
said, KDevelop 1.1 _will_ run on KDE2 (with kde1 libs). Ralf, you can't port
KDevelop1.1 to KDE2 in only a few weeks because the KDE2 API is changing every
week. You have to maintain this version for the next months until the KDE2
release. :-(  In my opinion we should concentrate our effort only on


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