KDevelop presented at CeBit exhibition in Hannover, Germany

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Sun Feb 27 11:08:33 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

Hi Ralf,

> Hi folks,
> as some may know I went to the CeBit computer exhibition yesterday - as
> a private person. But it ended somehow the other way...;-)
> Well, after 3 1/2 hours driving from here, I arrived at the SuSE booth
> (where KDE developers presented KDE and KDE2 as well) at about 9.30 am.
> I got to meet Martin Konold, Chis Schläger and some other guys I already
> met at the LinuxTag last year in Kaiserslautern, where I presented
> KDevelop 0.4. This time Martin saw me and said that I have to have to
> make a presentation of KDevelop...they arranged installing KDevelop 1.1
> beta quickly and fortunately they had the cvs sources with the scribble
> example program. So I just went ahead and presented kdevelop on one of
> the computers for half an hour, then Chris said I have to use the big
> presentation screen with a headset so everyone could see and hear. At
> about 10 to 1 pm, I started a KDevelop 1.1 presentation with the
> KScribble example showing everything from the classviewer/browser,
> classtools, documentation browser, appwizard, fileviewers, dialogeditor
> and what else we have in store, by the example of the KScribble app.
> There were about a 100 persons listening and watching my out of the box
> presentation which lasted a bit over 30 minutes - and they applauded !!!
> ;-)
> Guys, next week we´ll probably have some more developers using
> KDevelop....;-) This presentation was a whole success - Martin Konold
> said it was very well done.

wow... compliments!!!!

> Further, I was at the SCO booth to ask for a new copy of UnixWare,
> because the one I got last year didn´t want to install here. After they
> heard I´m a KDevelop developer, they were interested directly and I got
> to talk with some of their officials. They didn´t make any promises, but
> they would like to sponsor us for free whereever they have the means to
> do so. So I bluntly asked for new machines (my one e.g. is a P200, which
> when changing ckdevelop.h requires me to watch Al Bundy and get a cup of
> coffee in the meantime kdevelop builds again...;-( ) as well as for a
> chance to organize a develper conference/meeting, so we could meet each
> other. They were delighted by that idea to sponsor that, but that was
> followed by some suprise when I told them that John comes from new
> Zealand and Jonas from Sweden...But even if they would do that for the
> german developers only, that would do us some good favor.

I like this idea of a developer conference/meeting...

> That´s the news from yesterday. Sandy, would you like to add a "Public
> Presentations" section on our website discribing that of yesterday and
> the LinuxTag one ?

Couldn´t this be done inside the news section of www.kdevelop.org _for
(maybe with a link to a new webpage, with further information about it)?
IMHO: if we have more entries for that... we should open a new section
(so this entry,
wouldn´t die of loneliness :-)).

> BTW: Talking with the other developers about our roadmap, I came to the
> conclusion that we might take some time longer than the KDE 2 release to
> finish KDevelop 2. I would be willing to port the KDevelop 1.1 version
> to KDE2 (ONLY porting) which could be done quickly and we could provide
> a running version for KDE 2 within a few weeks. Ohter KDE developers for
> KDE2 are already switching to use KDEStudio....;-(   We could leave the
> tag as it is, just start porting from tomorrow on.

When will KDE 2 be released... or at least a stable (non switching in
principles) kde2libs?
Do you know this?
It would be useful to know this... because if you are porting 1.1 to
kdelibs 2 and KDE is switching again in some principles you would have a
new branch, which needs to be supported.
(See the KAction and K(Dev)Accel problem in KDevelop 2)

Do you think that KDE developers switched to KDEStudio only for having a
working KDE 2 version or is the reason the good-looking features (like
docking etc.)?

If the reason would be "also" the second one, we should power the
"normal" KDevelop 2.x branch to make it at least "working"... I think
this could be also done in some weeks.

> Comments ? (I know this is additional work, but KDevelop 1.1 is worth it
> really)

I agree... KDevelop (either 1.1 and 2.x) would be worth to do additional
IMHO: more additional work for the HEAD branch... ;-)


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