KDevelop presented at CeBit exhibition in Hannover, Germany

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Sun Feb 27 07:56:59 UTC 2000

Hi folks,

as some may know I went to the CeBit computer exhibition yesterday - as
a private person. But it ended somehow the other way...;-)

Well, after 3 1/2 hours driving from here, I arrived at the SuSE booth
(where KDE developers presented KDE and KDE2 as well) at about 9.30 am.
I got to meet Martin Konold, Chis Schläger and some other guys I already
met at the LinuxTag last year in Kaiserslautern, where I presented
KDevelop 0.4. This time Martin saw me and said that I have to have to
make a presentation of KDevelop...they arranged installing KDevelop 1.1
beta quickly and fortunately they had the cvs sources with the scribble
example program. So I just went ahead and presented kdevelop on one of
the computers for half an hour, then Chris said I have to use the big
presentation screen with a headset so everyone could see and hear. At
about 10 to 1 pm, I started a KDevelop 1.1 presentation with the
KScribble example showing everything from the classviewer/browser,
classtools, documentation browser, appwizard, fileviewers, dialogeditor
and what else we have in store, by the example of the KScribble app.
There were about a 100 persons listening and watching my out of the box
presentation which lasted a bit over 30 minutes - and they applauded !!!

Guys, next week we´ll probably have some more developers using
KDevelop....;-) This presentation was a whole success - Martin Konold
said it was very well done. 

Further, I was at the SCO booth to ask for a new copy of UnixWare,
because the one I got last year didn´t want to install here. After they
heard I´m a KDevelop developer, they were interested directly and I got
to talk with some of their officials. They didn´t make any promises, but
they would like to sponsor us for free whereever they have the means to
do so. So I bluntly asked for new machines (my one e.g. is a P200, which
when changing ckdevelop.h requires me to watch Al Bundy and get a cup of
coffee in the meantime kdevelop builds again...;-( ) as well as for a
chance to organize a develper conference/meeting, so we could meet each
other. They were delighted by that idea to sponsor that, but that was
followed by some suprise when I told them that John comes from new
Zealand and Jonas from Sweden...But even if they would do that for the
german developers only, that would do us some good favor.

That´s the news from yesterday. Sandy, would you like to add a "Public
Presentations" section on our website discribing that of yesterday and
the LinuxTag one ?

BTW: Talking with the other developers about our roadmap, I came to the
conclusion that we might take some time longer than the KDE 2 release to
finish KDevelop 2. I would be willing to port the KDevelop 1.1 version
to KDE2 (ONLY porting) which could be done quickly and we could provide
a running version for KDE 2 within a few weeks. Ohter KDE developers for
KDE2 are already switching to use KDEStudio....;-(   We could leave the
tag as it is, just start porting from tomorrow on.

Comments ? (I know this is additional work, but KDevelop 1.1 is worth it


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