Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 1 14:07:29 UTC 2000

> GREAT...
> and thx having managed it...
> sounds complicated to me to handle it now...
> I assume that debian has a more complex directory structure (for SOME
> dir's of kde)?!

I would say less complex, but that's of course a matter of
perspective and taste :-) Configuration files (kde_confdir)
are in /etc/kde on Debian instead of $prefix/share/config
which the current configure uses by default. Furthermore,
documentation is under /usr/doc/kde instead of 
$prefix/share/doc/..., but only on slink (on potato it's
> So now I have some questions:
> Would it be more helpful for debian users to return to the path
> acknowledgement by the little KDE program for KDE 1.x pathes (inside
> acinclude.m4)?

For KDevelop 1.1, I think that would be the best (if it's not
too complicated to change that).

> What about the KDE 2 pathes, would it work with this acinclude.m4??

Actually, the current autoconf stuff is made for KDE 2, where you
can use --prefix to install different applications into different
directories. With KDE 1, --prefix doesn't make sense because you
can only have one KDEDIR, and that's fixed by the location where
kdelibs was installed and where icons etc. are.

But I think KDE 2 is no problem. When KDE 2 is released, everybody
will use potato and have his documentation installed in /usr/share/doc
which is the same as configure gives. The only difference then may
be kde_confdir, but AFAIK kdevelop is the only application which
has an rc file there. Mmh, why?

> How should we manage it with the new debian part? Making a patch or a
> complete new tarball?
> What do you mean?

I think it's enough to have it in 1.1final


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