Bug#2604: Dialog preview can cause KDE (kwm?) to hang!

Steven Brown swbrown at ucsd.edu
Tue Feb 1 01:29:57 UTC 2000

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.1-beta1.0
Severity: critical

Bugreport ID : 17:22,31.01.00

Originator	: Steven Brown
E-Mail		: swbrown at ucsd.edu

Subject : Dialog preview can cause KDE (kwm?) to hang!

Error Class	: software bug
Error Location	: dialog editor
Priority	: high
Bug Description ---------------------------

Sometimes when I do a dialog preview the preview will pop up, but I
can't move the window around anymore, or close it, or do anything else
in KDE, it wedges somehow.  Interestingly, you can try and click on the
panel and taskbar for a while, and for a while the buttons will at least
look like they've been clicked, then they too will wedge.  Kwm starts
eating memory slowly and I have to kill it.

How to repeat the error -------------------

Make some dialogs, preview them a lot.  I'm not sure if it depends on
how fancy the dialogs are, it's only happened twice so far and with
different dialogs.

Bugfix or Workaround ----------------------

System Information ------------------------

KDevelop version	: 1.1-beta1.0
KDE version		: 1.1.2
QT version		: 1.44
OS/Distribution		: rh6.1
Compiler		: egcs-2.91.66

misc :

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