Problem building kdevelop-1.1beta2 on RHL 6.1

John Summerfield summer at
Tue Feb 1 05:12:04 UTC 2000

Here are the qt directories on my system:
[summer at possum kdevelop-1.1beta2]$ find /usr -type d -name qt\*

Why not add to the list at configure:3819 to avoid this:
checking for killpg in -lucb... no
checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= 1.42 and < 2.0) (libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
[summer at possum kdevelop-1.1beta2]$

I know about this:
Please set the KDEDIR to the correct KDE path (SuSE /opt/kde, RedHat 6.x /usr/, 
Slackware /opt/kde)
On Red Hat 6.1 please set the QTDIR variable to the Qt 1.44 dir, NOT to QT 2.0

but it should be pretty simple to adjust the configure script so it works
first time for RHL users too.

(My exuse is that I based my configure on what's in a src rpm I have
here; when that was built, it seems one did not need to specify QTDIR.

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