Syntax Highlighting

John Birch jbb at
Sat Dec 30 02:40:55 UTC 2000

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000 10:55, Ivan Hawkes wrote:
> Hey there guys,
> just a quick note to let you know the syntax highlighting feature is not
> working properly in version 1.4 of the IDE. I suspect it was the
> optimisation someone was speaking about a few weeks back. When you jump
> into a code block that is commented out, it appears as if it's not
> commented.

Yes, this is to be expected.

The highlighing is working on the displayed code only. If the start of a 
c-style comment is before the start of displayed code, then it won't appear 
commented out :( I have no plans to fix this. You could use the CTRL-M 
feature to comment out a block, provided it's C++ code.

> This, of course, screws up everything further down.
Oh? - this can't be happening :-) What exactly do you see here?

> Aside from
> that, I have been giving version 1.4 a pounding the last few days, and it's
> reasonably solid. I'm not doinf anything too punishing, just in mid dev.
> cycle, so I'm not hitting the templates or anything, but generally, it
> works well.

That's good to hear, but "reasonably" solid? Anything specific? I know of 
only one problem that can cause a crash but no data is lost. (probably there 
are others).

And the KHTMLSettings are not done. However, I have limited energy left - it 
would be good if another could look into doing this. It can't be that 
difficult, (even though it looked pretty weird stuff to me...)


PS I'm assuming you're using the latest cvs version.

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