kdevelop 2

John Birch jbb at kdevelop.org
Fri Dec 1 20:21:40 UTC 2000

>From the kdevelop list, Bernd asks 

> What do you think is not ready? The earlier we get feedback about
> it, the better the chances are that we get the necessary interfaces
> right.

Well you know my objections. In the intervening time since we discussed this, 
I've not changed my mind. :-)

Just briefly
. most of the signals on kdevelcomponent need to be canned and replaced with 
. The kdevelopcore code is too complex. Most of this code belongs in the 
. kdevelopcore shouldn't know anything about the modules it is loading.
. There should be no hardwired ordering of loading modules.
. kdevelopcore shouldn't "forward" signals to other components. This code 
would be replaced with events anyway.
. No actions should exists in kdevelopcore. These all belong to components. 
(a possible _tiny_ set of exceptions will probably exist)

The question you have to ask is "How easy is it for a developer to remove an 
existing component(s) and replace it with another". I think when you start to 
think about those steps you may see that the framework isn't quite ready yet.

One of the problems I have in working on kdevelop2 is that I do not know what 
the plans are for it (especially for the framework).


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