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Ralf Funken RFunken at KDevelop.de
Tue Aug 22 14:55:57 UTC 2000

Hi all,

>Well, that 's for Kdevelop2, but Ralf (Nolden) and Reginald Stadlbauer
>(from the trolls) suggested that we add QT Designer to Kdevelop1 and now
>in the Kdevelop1 cvs there is only the uic integration to the build
>process left to be done. (I should have add something to the changelog).
>Reginald also said that Coolo (Stephan Kulow) is working on getting the
>uic stuff into the KDE buildsystem, so we will perhaps be able to
>release a new Kdevelop1 beta version just after Coolo has finished the
>uic integration, and then perhaps a new Kdevelop1 final version a few
>weeks later.

Is it definitely planned to make another KDevelop1 release? In my opinion 
it would be worth another go. The screenshots I saw from Qt Designer really 
impressed me. I program in JAVA almost exclusively now and use Visual Age 
for that purpose. It has a great GUI Builder and I'm convinced that this 
can make the difference between using and abandoning an IDE. If we could 
get this into KDevelop 1, it would IMO make it easier for people to wait 
for a stable KDevelop 2. If there are plans for a new release I'd checkout 
KDevelop 1 again and do my part (spellchecking the german doku, updating 
pot files and building the RH rpms).



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