Commited QtDesigner stuff

Christian Couder chcouder at
Tue Aug 15 15:14:43 UTC 2000


I just commited a few improvements related to Qt Designer:

_ In CKDevelop::switchToFile(QString filename, bool bForceReload,bool
bShowModifiedBox) I use KProcess to launch Qt Designer on .ui files.

_ In CKDevInstall::slotAuto() I added Qt Designer as a tool, but it can
appear only if the tools are reinstalled. By the way, do you know an
easy way to reinstall only the tools ?

_ In CKAppWizard::slotProcessExited() I added a new filter group for
User Interface .ui files. This group is shown in the LFV and Qt Designer
is launched when a ui file is clicked in the LFV.

The problem now is that we must find a way to call the uic on the .ui
files. Do you have an idea about how should the user do this ?
Perhaps the best would be to modify the compile and build commands so
that they automatically compiles the ui files if they have been modified


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