I'm back

Ralf Funken RFunken at kdevelop.de
Sun Apr 23 18:27:51 UTC 2000

Hi to all,

thanks for all the good wishes. As you can see, they finally let me out of
hospital ( to haunt the real world :-) ). The first thing I did was to check if
anything was left for me to do about translations, but Ralf N. did a great job
here ( besides preparing for Braunschweig, writing an article for the new KDE 2
book,  ....,  next time I visit him I'll have to ask him where the engineers
placed his sockets, because he looks like a human being ( well, almost :-)) ) 
).  The next I did, was replacing my RedHat clone with SuSE 6.4, which took
about 24 hours, because Yast2 always crashed and I had to take a tricky way to
install it. But now everything works fine again. Isn't it funny? Two years ago
you had be half of a UNIX guru to install Linux, and it worked. Now every idiot
can install it, and it doesn't work. Maybe I'm not idiot enough :-). ( Simply
answer yes!!)



Ralf Funken

The KDevelop Project

Email: rfunken at kdevelop.de

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