new 1.2 release date proposal

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sun Apr 16 12:11:50 UTC 2000

Sandy Meier wrote:
> Ok, there were some misunderstandings I think. The gnome-template was GPL
> and I convince the author to give us the program without a license (public
> domain). We need this, otherwise the user can't change the generated framework
> to BSD or similar he want. I don't have an idea whether this is the correct way
> but it seems to be logical in my opinion. :-)
Ah, Ok. So put it into CVS then and I´ll do the german translation for
Ralf F. as well as the documentation.
I´ve got my ksgml2html to work again, so no further problems here ;-)

> 26. April?. It seems that you have an other release date than others :-). I
> asked Walter and Martin and all say that we wanted to release the 1.2 version
> today on 16.4. 
Huh ?? I think we should discuss this on the mailing lists. Martin, how
about the translations ? Isn´t the german version of the kde library
reference going to be finished ? And we should change the´s
so that unfinished translations don´t get installed, so this will be a
"proper" release. We can at least control this on the html page numbers
for the english originals and the translations. 

I also asked Torsten Rahn to paint us some new pixmaps for KDevelop
(mini-icon and 32x32 icon) which he´ll do this week.

Ok, we have the time so I would suggest a new release. I think
> the 3 May would be a nice day.Objections?
That´s Ok with me and fits perfectly to the demo day in Braunschweig on
the 13th/14th of May ;-)


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