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Sun Apr 16 10:10:03 UTC 2000

On Sun, 16 Apr 2000 you wrote:

> Correct me, if I´m wrong here- I know that will cause some more work for
> you Sandy, but nevertheless this *is* an issue. The unlicensed
> C-Reference causes enough trouble to my mind because some distributors
> don´t include it because of that. So, do we have the permission to GPL
> the template or not is the question for me. If not, change it, if, leave
> it and update CVS ;-)

Ok, there were some misunderstandings I think. The gnome-template was GPL
and I convince the author to give us the program without a license (public
domain). We need this, otherwise the user can't change the generated framework
to BSD or similar he want. I don't have an idea whether this is the correct way
but it seems to be logical in my opinion. :-)

> Other thing is release date: the translators (and I myself as well) are
> fixed on the 26th !! And if this template is inserted, I *have* to
> change the documentation- the current is totally in sync and I want it
> to be that way for the last 1.x release if somehow possible. So
> inserting the template tomorrow is OK, I will have a look at the
> appwizard and test it and will update the documentation which I have to
> do anyway to document the shared library functionality from Walter.

26. April?. It seems that you have an other release date than others :-). I
asked Walter and Martin and all say that we wanted to release the 1.2 version
today on 16.4. Ok, we have the time so I would suggest a new release. I think
the 3 May would be a nice day.Objections?


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