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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sat Apr 15 22:28:30 UTC 2000

Sandy Meier wrote:

> Ok, to make it short: I have contacted Havoc Pennington (author of the GNOME
> development book, and got the permission
> to use his example program without a license. (I needed 3 emails to convince
> him :-)) , integrated it into the Application Wizard and updated the
> KDevelop projectmanagement. If nobody object to this, I will commit it on sunday
> evening  to the CVS. Because of this added feature I think we should release
> KDevelop 1.2 on Wednesday (and not tommorow) so we  have some time to test it a
> little bit more and to translate the 2 new i18n Strings.

Objection ;-):

a) license: AFAIK Glade generates a complete framework for the user. I
already tested this but the autoconf stuff was lacking a macro
definition somewhere so it didn´t work, but with a standard framwork
this is GPL, isn´t it ?  The program structure could be changed somewhat
so it is a standard GNOME app with a main window or something and that´s
it. For designing the GUI most programmers will use Glade anyway I
think, so an unlicensed or somewhat restricted licensed framework isn´t
a good option - in fact I think it is a very bad option (why doesn´t the
author make this GPL ? The GNOME guys are so proud that *everything*
there is GPL as opposed to Qt and make so much fuzz about that why are
they making trouble here when the most successful GPL IDE for Unix
(KDevelop ;-) wants to support GTK+ ???). So I would be fine when using
a GNOME-standard automake structure with a selfmade mainwindow like our
mini-KDE type which won´t bring us into licensing trouble.

Correct me, if I´m wrong here- I know that will cause some more work for
you Sandy, but nevertheless this *is* an issue. The unlicensed
C-Reference causes enough trouble to my mind because some distributors
don´t include it because of that. So, do we have the permission to GPL
the template or not is the question for me. If not, change it, if, leave
it and update CVS ;-)

Other thing is release date: the translators (and I myself as well) are
fixed on the 26th !! And if this template is inserted, I *have* to
change the documentation- the current is totally in sync and I want it
to be that way for the last 1.x release if somehow possible. So
inserting the template tomorrow is OK, I will have a look at the
appwizard and test it and will update the documentation which I have to
do anyway to document the shared library functionality from Walter.

Glad I returned today from my parents, the next week I will have limited
time and doing this tomorrow will save some translators´ hair from
falling out until next sunday ;-)


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