new 1.2 release date proposal

Sandy Meier smeier at
Sat Apr 15 19:16:42 UTC 2000


I'm late but I hope not to late. Some days ago I thought about  GNOME
support in KDevelop 1.2. Most of the KDevelop features
(projectmanagement,integrated debugger,docbrowser...) are interesting for
every developer and the KDE API isn't a option for everyone. Think about
millions of C hackers, which don't want to learn C++. :-) 

Ok, to make it short: I have contacted Havoc Pennington (author of the GNOME
development book, and got the permission
to use his example program without a license. (I needed 3 emails to convince
him :-)) , integrated it into the Application Wizard and updated the
KDevelop projectmanagement. If nobody object to this, I will commit it on sunday
evening  to the CVS. Because of this added feature I think we should release
KDevelop 1.2 on Wednesday (and not tommorow) so we  have some time to test it a
little bit more and to translate the 2 new i18n Strings. 

Is this ok for you?


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