Missing personal calendar

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Aug 19 08:16:40 BST 2019

Jörg Schaible - 19.08.19, 01:07:53 CEST:
> > I had the feeling that this way they'd be more robust than
> > with a single file. I currently do not remember having had any issue
> > with that, so I bet it works quite stable.
> > 
> > However as the resources that use a single file usually keep
> > backups, you may still find your data.
> Where? I have in my complete home definitely only 4 .ics files. Three
> in .local/ share/kalarm and one in .local/share/korganizer. The
> latter one is the newest with a date from 18th December last year.
> However, this is the same also in the backups from last month and I
> had definitely my current dates and tasks 3 days ago.

One thought about this. If Akonadi uses mmap() to access the file, the 
file date might not be updated. At least AFAIR I have seen such behavior 
with mmap()'ed files.


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