Missing personal calendar

Jörg Schaible joerg.schaible at gmx.de
Mon Aug 19 00:07:53 BST 2019

Hi Martin,

Am Sonntag, 18. August 2019, 22:46:56 CEST schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Hi Jörg.
> Jörg Schaible - 18.08.19, 20:09:04 CEST:
> > after the last "akonadictl fsck" I am missing suddenly my personal
> > calendar with all my dates gone. Since I do regular backups, I wonder
> > where all the data is stored. Any documentation I've found tell me,
> > that korganizer uses an .ics file, but the youngest .ics file on my
> > disk (and backups) is from December last year. Yes, it contains (old)
> > dates, but where have all the dates been stored in the mean time?
> You should be able to see the location of the calender data when opening
> Akonadiconsole, right clicking on the calender resource and choosing
> "Configure / Configure natively".

Well, that's the problem - there is no calendar resource anymore.

> I switch my calender over to a directory with one file per event a long
> time ago using the ical calender folder resource.

Actually I'd prefer separate files also. But when creating a new calendar, I am 
never sure what to chose - is korganizer using the ical file/dir calendar and 
what is the kalarm file/dir calender used for?

> I did similar for contacts.

Same to me. However, all my contacts where gone too, but I could recover those 
from the backup. It was just annoying to import every single contact one by 
one. I tried to create a new temporary address book with a folder location 
where all the contacts from the backup where located (on a copy), but they 
where not picked up. The only way to get them back were an individual import 
for each one. I found no way to do a bulk import.

> I had the feeling that this way they'd be more robust than
> with a single file. I currently do not remember having had any issue with
> that, so I bet it works quite stable.
> However as the resources that use a single file usually keep backups, you
> may still find your data.

Where? I have in my complete home definitely only 4 .ics files. Three in .local/
share/kalarm and one in .local/share/korganizer. The latter one is the newest 
with a date from 18th December last year. However, this is the same also in 
the backups from last month and I had definitely my current dates and tasks 3 
days ago.

Even more wondrous - if I create a new ical/dir calendar and enter a new 
(absolute) directory for the calendar somewhere in my home, the directory is 
not created .. even if I add a task. Where is this data kept? Funny enough, I 
can export this (non-existing) calendar to an ics file.

I am really tempted to restore my database ... (I am using external MySQL). 

> Do you still have the output of 'akonadictl fsck'?

Unfortunately no. I was used to call it frequently some months ago, when the 
mail folders got constantly out of sync with the IMAP server (it did no longer 
display new mails) and there I had sometimes calls running several minutes 
with hundreds unreferenced files. But fortunately those times are gone now.

However, therefore calling fsck was quite natural to me, it ran fast and it 
displayed nothing that made me upset.
> What is the version you are using?

Gentoo claims 19.04.3 (version of the installed package), dialogbox "About 
Kontact" displays 5.11.3.

> Thanks,

Thanks for your time,

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