All local folders lost in KMail

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Aug 14 17:06:11 BST 2019

On Wednesday August 14 2019 15:50:12 Peter Humphrey wrote:

> If anyone has sent me anything in the last two days, please send it again. 

Rest assured, I didn't :)

But this is why long ago I decided to
- never use ISP addresses (and employer addresses only for employer-related stuff)
- use at least 1 GMail address and its seemingly ever-growing available space
- use a local IMAP server to archive those messages I want to archive (or too private to keep on a server)
- archive manually
- leave everything that cannot be deleted at once nor isn't too privated and doesn't necessarily have to be archived on the server.

IMAP was developped with the idea in mind that your email arrives on a single server but you may not always be reading it from the same place. Remote server maintainers are also usually a lot better than I am at keeping backups.

You said something about archiving your email to a volume that's mounted under your home directory. Is that by any chance on a removable drive? The KF5 Solid framework has the capability to distinguish removables from other kinds of mounts. Akonadi and/or kmail might use that feature to do something (supposedly) clever with removable storage but could also simply not be designed to handle archive storage that isn't available continuously.


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