Switched to PostgreSQL

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Apr 11 12:55:46 BST 2019

Martin Steigerwald - 11.04.19, 09:39:
> So after 2/3rd's of a day and letting it scan through the local
> maildir collection throughout the night, after at some point during
> the day I stopped akonadi_indexing_agent to accelerate the scanning
> process, I have my private KDEPIM/Akonadi setup on PostgreSQL.
> So far the performance is really quite a bit better. The stalls during
> filtering are gone. About the crashes I am not sure yet. Also I found
> that there are no stalls anymore on deleting a mail.

Unfortunately the stalls during download via POP3 are here again.

Also with MariaDB they did not happen all the time.

Aside from that the performance is noticably better so far.


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