Switched to PostgreSQL

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Apr 11 08:39:19 BST 2019


So after 2/3rd's of a day and letting it scan through the local maildir 
collection throughout the night, after at some point during the day I 
stopped akonadi_indexing_agent to accelerate the scanning process, I 
have my private KDEPIM/Akonadi setup on PostgreSQL.

So far the performance is really quite a bit better. The stalls during 
filtering are gone. About the crashes I am not sure yet. Also I found 
that there are no stalls anymore on deleting a mail.

So far it looks like this:

~/.local/share/akonadi> LANG=en du -sch *
4.0K    akonadi_control.error
4.0K    akonadi_control.error.old
12K     akonadiserver.error
3.1G    db_data
79M     file_db_data
1.3G    search_db
4.0K    socket-merkaba
4.4G    total

Did anyone with PostgreSQL setup did any tuning on the database?

I see that the various PostgreSQL processes do not take all that much 
RAM yet. They take quite a bit of RSS, but apparently share lots of it, 
so the PSS is quite a bit lower (see in atop, memory display with "m", 
enable PSIZE gathering with "R").

Is there something like mysqltuner for PostgreSQL? Otherwise I can use 
my own training slides or official documentation.

However, as long as it stays as fast as it currently is, I might just 
let the configuration alone for now.

Let's see how this goes.

Thanks again for the hint to switch to PostgreSQL and the instructions 
for how to do it.


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