something is really wrong with my kmail/kontact

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Jul 8 19:45:10 BST 2018

On Sunday July 08 2018 11:04:26 E. Hakan Duran wrote:


>I became impatient and ran the debugger to get the backtrace without waiting for the feedback on the bug ticket. This is what I got:

I can't you help much with this, other than to observe that you seem to be hitting an "ASSERT", that is a cheap way to handle an unforeseen situation that shouldn't occur (and sometimes one that can really not be handled gracefully).
I suggest that you figure out how to install the debug symbols for Akonadi (at least for the package that installed libKF5AkonadiCore), QtCore and GLib2; regenerate a backtrace and then attach it to the ticket on BKO.


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