something is really wrong with my kmail/kontact

E. Hakan Duran ehakanduran at
Sun Jul 8 03:25:44 BST 2018

On Friday, July 6, 2018 3:44:57 AM CDT René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> I'm guessing you already restarted akonadi and possibly the entire machine? How about updates you installed recently, can you tie the "stopped working" to something like that?

Rebooting the computer fixed the toolbar button for new mail; it is now working as expected. 
I believe this issue may have something to do with the latest updates' installation. It included a lot of kde stuff, which may have been the underlying cause.
I am embarrassed to not have done this before asking.

> Just to be certain, try 
> %> akonadictl fsck
> %> akonadictl vacuum
>  before starting kontact or kmail. There may or may not be terminal feedback, so run `top` in another window to monitor each command before you start the next (depending on your configuration you may see akonadiserver become active or else mysqld).

This actually helped clean the deleted account from folder view (original mail, question 3). I believe email account syncing issue was also fixed after this.

> >2. Typing anything in the search bar above the email list view causes immediate crash of kontact.
> Regardless what is wrong with your settings or other this sounds like a bug you should report. Normally DrKonqi should start when a crash occurs, and it should guide you to obtain a useful backtrace and report that.

I reported it as a bug (#396299). This is one of the tools I use the most in Kmail, I am so bummed to not be able to use it anymore. DrKonqi does not start when a crash occurs. I did start kontact from konsole and typed in the search box causing the crash. This is what I got as error messages:

... (so many lines of the same warning below)
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = kontact path = /usr/bin pid = 14213
KCrash: Arguments: /usr/bin/kontact 
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
[warn] epoll_wait: Bad file descriptor
Aborted (core dumped)

> >Is there a way to reset the whole KDEPIM and starting from scratch? If so, would you recommend it?
> Not a very easy one as far as I know because settings files are scattered over different locations. But unless you have something crucial you don't want to lose (like email that's no longer on the server) you could trash everything in ~/.config, ~/.local/share and ~/.cache with names that contain kontact, kmail and akonadi. It's an invasive step, but it *is* usually recommended when trying to get something to work again after it stopped working for no apparent reason.
> Of course you can move all those files and directories to a backup location instead of deleting them. That would allow you to restore them one by one and possibly pinpoint the culprit.
Thank you for the pointers René, I held off doing this for now. It is a lot of work with no guarantee for fixing the search box issue for example.

On Friday, July 6, 2018 12:55:54 PM CDT Ianseeks wrote:
> I'm not having any problems you've listed below. It will be helpful if you provide some version numbers so people can compare notes.

I apologize for this oversight: I use Kontact 5.8.2 on Manjaro Linux (Arch -based) latest (rolling) release with kernel 4.16.18-1.  As I indicated above, some of the issues I was having resolved by rebooting the computer, but others didn't, most important being the search box issue. I wonder if this has anything to do with baloo. 


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