KMail stuck on loading message

Peter Humphrey peter at
Tue Nov 21 16:37:36 GMT 2017

On Tuesday, 21 November 2017 15:15:28 GMT Francesco Porro wrote:

> So,if developers are already commited to this, I don't think would be
> useful to file another bug.. But I don't know, maybe one more feedback is
> appreciated.

No, I don't think you'd achieve anything useful by submitting another 
(duplicate!) bug.

I'm having to use akonadiconsole to clear a folder's cache to make it 
rebuild it. Thus:

Exit KMail.
$ akonadiconsole
	[open browser, expand columns, right-click on the awkward folder, click
	Clear akonadi cache, quit]
$ akonadictl restart

Run KMail again, click on the same folder and - Bob's your uncle - there are 
your messages again.

I've just had to do this three times on today's e-mails.


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