Encrypt some emails

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Mon Oct 24 16:52:40 BST 2016

Am Montag, 24. Oktober 2016, 11:40:27 schrieb Michael Mol:
> So you want to take a message that exists in an IMAP folder, encrypt the
> body,  and replace the existing message?
> I don't know if any existing tools that will do that for you

same here :)
but, I also have sometimes the intension of encrypting some existing emails.
usually I collect them in a folder and export that via kmail's export feature 
to a tar.bz2 file which is then encrypted with kgpg.
then I delete the mails in the kmail folder.
if needed, I can always decrypt the file and re-import it,
or just browse the unpacked files.

not exactly intuitive, some steps required, but I can live with that, given 
this ist not a day-to-day need.


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