Using bogofilter via KMail's anti-spam wizrd

Maurice maurice at
Mon Oct 17 12:31:35 BST 2016

On Mon, 17 Oct 2016 07:47:02 +0200, Werner Joss wrote:

> as said - look at the the headers of the email (in your spam folder).
> just hit 'v' to see the headers (nice kmail feature, btw.)

  Yes, that bogofilter line is there, but the files in the spam folder 
are all there as a result of my hitting the Spam icon on the Toolbar, 
from Day 1 (I keep a check).
   There is none that bogofilter moved there without my help with the 
Spam button, so it doesn't appear to be working independently yet. :-(

> same is true if you don't have a wordlist.db file.

 I do have that file, and its size does increase to reflect my hitting 
the Spam button, but there seems to be no way to see clearly what is in 
the file.

> you can also activate the filter protocol under extras-show filter
> protocol to see what's going on.

  I don't understand that, Werner - sorry!


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