Akonadi dsaster

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 05:45:09 BST 2016

On 10/08/16 00:39, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hello!
> Am Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016, 09:19:19 CEST schrieb O. Sinclair:
>> It is, and sorry for rant, but it is quite simply embarrasing that K9
>> mail on my android phone works better than KMail 5.x
>> Akonadi was/is probably a nice concept but crash in this version not
>> only on a daily but basically hourly basis. Noone seems to know just why
>> the database thing goes bonkers all the time.
>> I am dead tired of "akonadictl stop", "akondictl fsck" and "akonadictl
>> start". Then wait while the mails from IMAP are downloaded once again
>> though it is set to "offline IMAP".
>> Can we "deAkonadi" KMail?
> While I still think Akonadi has some severe issues like moving of 1000nds of
> mails from one maildir folder to another is almost as inefficient as it can get
> and moving a complete folder even more so…
> and akonadi being basically single-tasking so that a background folder
> synchronisation blocks out KMail…
> as well as Akonadi + Exchange IMAP something just not displaying new mail via
> IMAP push to inbox without akonadictl stop ; start …
> I do not have anything near daily crashes.
> This hints to me that something on your setup is different to my setup.
> And believe me I am probably one of the users with the most insane amount of
> mails and folders in maildirs *ever*.
> More than 1 million mails in my regular maildir and I bet more than 500000
> maybe even another 1 million in archival folders that I excluded from Akonadi
> Search indexing.
> I think its about time I also try to exclude IMAP folders from indexing… yet I
> think with IMAP there may be the issue that it just doesn´t respect the folder
> indexing setting. Or maybe its even completely ignored… but since I didn´t
> access the archival folders anymore since last clearing Akonadi search_db they
> are not indexed.
> I agree that most likely crashes could be in Akonadi search. If there is a
> special Xapian version that crashes, thats bad. But there could be also other
> reasons for crashes. Akonadi search is basically a renamed Baloo for mails and
> there is a thread on kde-ml and kde-frameworks-ml now that Baloo basically
> contains no error checking whatsoever for LMDB database accesses. Dunno
> whether that applies to current incarnation of Akonadi search too.
> In anyway, Akonadi for me is pretty much stable. I didn´t see an Akonadi crash
> anymore in a time longer than I remember.
> So if its crashing for you *daily*, something seems to be different and it
> could be helpful to stop ranting… and start describing what setup you actually
> have. (That said I completely get the ranting part. Having issues like that
> with a mail client you depend on is %&/§)=$/%. I completely get that).
> Thanks,
As noted in another reply: it worked fine for me in the version you are 
using. In the Plasma5 version 5.1.3 I am using it is currently, to me, a 
disaster. Right now I am told I have about 600 unread email in an IMAP 
account that I very well know I may have 3 or 4....

and then it goes in to some kind of loop "redownloading". And I should 
not, as a user, have to "akonadictl this or that", edit .rc files, 
recreate accounts and so on.

the whole chain from plain maildir/mboxes and up to KMail itself is too 
fragile, there are too many things that can go wrong.

It looks like I will have to spend the weekend trying to recreate 
accounts and so on. The point is: I like Kmail, I really do. But a 
simple upgrade should not render it more or less useless

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