Akonadi disaster

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sat Oct 8 09:30:45 BST 2016

Am Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016, 06:45:09 CEST schrieb O. Sinclair:
> > So if its crashing for you *daily*, something seems to be different and it
> > could be helpful to stop ranting… and start describing what setup you
> > actually have. (That said I completely get the ranting part. Having
> > issues like that with a mail client you depend on is %&/§)=$/%. I
> > completely get that).
> > 
> > Thanks,
> As noted in another reply: it worked fine for me in the version you are 
> using. In the Plasma5 version 5.1.3 I am using it is currently, to me, a 
> disaster. Right now I am told I have about 600 unread email in an IMAP 
> account that I very well know I may have 3 or 4....

How do you happen to know what version I am using? I am using Sid and update 
often, so its as fresh as it can get (on Debian). Akonadi 4:16.04.3-2 and 
KMail 4:16.04.3-1. Or from KMail about window: Version 5.2.3 running on 
Frameworks 5.26.0. I know there is 16.08 out there, but WebEngine still in 
packaging process on Debian (it does not seem to be that easy to get it build 
in a way that suits Debian needs).

So if you are using a way older KMail, you may as well also using a way older 
Akonadi… and definately not a newer one.

So my first suggestion to you would be: Try to get this updated to at least the 
16.04 versions I am using.

> It looks like I will have to spend the weekend trying to recreate 
> accounts and so on. The point is: I like Kmail, I really do. But a 
> simple upgrade should not render it more or less useless

Of course it shouldn´t.

I just can share my experience and how it differs, and the different versions 
we use *may* be one, maybe even the major reason for the differences we see.

I know how frustrating it can be to dig out logs and try to find out whats 
wrong, but your descriptions are not sufficient to tell whats really going on on 
your system.


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