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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 10:21:34 BST 2016

On Wednesday October 05 2016 10:53:53 O. Sinclair wrote:

>There is a reason my wife and kids use good ole boring Thunderbird (as 
>do I in writing this). It works.

I've made an Ubuntu 14.04 PPA for KDEPIM 4.13.3 . It lacks a few features compared to 4.14 and probably quite a few w.r.t. KDEPIM 5, but it mostly works (and better than TBird IMHO though I do keep that around for emergencies).

>I know absolutely noone that search for mails outside their mail app, be 
>it Outlook or whatever.

It's funny, I moved to KMail on Mac when Apple's own mail client started forcing me to download *all* of my IMAP content, including the content from my local IMAP server I use for archiving purposes. All that because of Spotlight indexing, comparable to Baloo. But, from what I keep reading here I won't be upgrading to KDEPIM5 anytime soon ...

Email is too important to experiment, and as long as there is no easy and well-documented way to backup all settings, databases and what-have-you I am not going to experiment with a new version I may not be able to back out of. 

I do regret the days I got fed up dealing with pine. 

> I have to resort to webmail to actually do my job

GMail isn't so bad with the OldCompose extension; I think probably everyone has a browser open all the time anyway (or else use a dedicated lightweight browser like QupZilla).


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