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Peter Wibberley p.wibberley at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 15 20:54:26 GMT 2016


Thank you for your email and thoughts.  

To answer your question, yes, I have tried using the folder archive function.  However, with any folder that contains one of the duplicate messages, this is where I am getting the message, "Failed to archive the folder 'xxxxxxxxx'. Downloading a message in folder 'xxxxxxxxx' failed.".

Before I try deleting the baloo folder, can I ask how this will work?  I was under the impression that baloo provides just the desktop search functionality.  If this is the case, it isn't clear to me how recreating the baloo index help kmail recreate the message lists for each kmail folder.  Is it not akonadi that maintains the kmail database?  Or is the implication that kmail uses baloo to maintain the message list for each kmail folder?  

You will appreciate that I am a little apprehensive about deleting any database file without being sure that it will (1) solve the problem and (2) can be recreated error-free.   

Thank you again and regards, 


On Sun 04 Dec 2016 12:00:02 kdepim-users-request at kde.org wrote:
> Re: Kmail: Archiving folders with corrupt duplicate messages
> Date: 03.12.2016 16:07
> From: Peter Humphrey <peter at prh.myzen.co.uk>
> To: kdepim-users at kde.org
> On Friday 02 Dec 2016 18:31:55 Peter Wibberley wrote:
> > My objective is to move my kmail and other PIM data to a new computer with a
> > fresh install of Linux Mint 17.3KDE.  I would like some means of cleaning
> > my kmail folders without having to search for the rogue duplicate messages
> > one by one. so that I can archive and move my kmail messages.
> I've spent many an hour wrestling with KMail-2 and duplicate or corrupt 
> messages. I too have only POP3 accounts, no IMAP.
> Have you tried the folder archive tool in KMail? If you select Local Folders, 
> then Archive Folder, it will tar up all the messages in all your local 
> folders. You can export your filters too from the Configure Filters dialogue. 
> I suggest you do that, then:
> Make sure KMail and akonadi aren't running, by commanding "akonadictl stop". 
> Wait until ps doesn't show akonadi or MySQL running, then rm -r 
> ~/.local/share/baloo. Restart akonadi and go and make a brew while it re-
> indexes all your messages. Disclaimer: I don't use any of the other PIM 
> components, only KMail, so I can't offer any guarantees. Maybe you just need 
> to remove ~/.local/share/baloo/email; I haven't tried doing that.
> You may have to repeat both steps once or twice, but after that you should 
> have a reasonably clean message set, which you will be able to import into 
> your new setup.
> One hint: when running operations on folders, don't be tempted to start one 
> until the previous one has finished - it can only do one thing at a time, poor 
> thing. I found the hard way that impatience here causes all sorts of problems; 
> since learning that lesson I've had no more corruption of e-mails.
> -- 
> Regards
> Peter
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