How can I add my time zone to KOrganiser?

Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at
Thu Dec 15 15:53:06 GMT 2016

> I am using KOrganiser to synchronise with my cloud calendar through CalDAV. However, out of the box KOrganiser is only able to create events in the UTC timezone. [...]
> How can I add my time zone to KOrganiser, so that I have other options beyond UTC in the drop down list next to the event time boxes?

This is strange. Normally, KOrganizers picks up the KDE local timezone as the default and it gives me all time zones to choose from in the event creation dialog by clicking on "Timezones >>", which is found next to the starting time.

Is there anything peculiar about your setup? (Such as not using KDE, but another desktop.) What is in '/usr/share/zoneinfo' (assuming this is a Linux box)?


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