KMail: adding POP3 account

solitone solitone at
Wed Dec 14 17:06:03 GMT 2016

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 12:55:08 PM CET Bas G. Roufs - in English 
> Go to Kontact > Tools > Configure e-mail. From there, you need to configure
> three items for each new account:
>      *  identity > add  > yournewaddress at;
>      *  accounts > receiving > configure here your pop3 settings for
> yournewaddress at;
>      *  accounts > sending > configure here your smtp pop 3 settings for
> yournewaddress at
> When doing so, you will see appearing your new account in a folder at the
> same level as your already existing accounts and and your local folders.

Hi Bas, and thanks for your feedback. I've repeated the steps you suggest once 
again, and unfortunately no new folder for the newly created POP3 account does 

I forgot to mention that I'm using KMail 5.2.3. Maybe you are referring to a 
different version.

BTW, sorry for messing up with messagges before.

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