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Wed Dec 14 13:59:36 GMT 2016

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 12:03:17 PM CET solitone wrote:
> Hi,
> at the moment I'm using KMail to manage emails from three IMAP servers, as
> well as my local messages. Local messages are those messages that
> applications in my localhost send me, and I access them in Local
> Folders/inbox.
> Now I need to add a new account, fetching emails from a POP3 server. I've
> followed the steps of the wizard, and also tried to create the account
> manually, but I don't get the expected result. I choose POP3 as the service,
> and end up with a destination folder located in Local Folders/inbox. I can
> change the destination folder, but the only options are Local Folders, and
> folders already created for the IMAP accounts.
> I'd rather have a completely new folder structure, for storing emails of
> this POP3 account only, similarly to what is possible in e.g. Thunderbird.
> However, I didn't find any way to create a new folder at the same level of
> Local Folders and the other accounts. What should I do?


just add a new "Maildir resource" and select a folder on your filesystem where 
the emails will be stored. Then add a new POP3 Resource and configure it to 
fetch emails into the newly added maildir resource. You can then add more 
folders to the maildir resource and configure you local mail filters in KMail 
to filter the POP3 incoming emails to the subfolders.


> Thanks!

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