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Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at
Sat Dec 10 22:04:57 GMT 2016

> is there a way to change the font size in KMail's HTML viewer? I have a 
> MacBookPro 12,1 13" (Early 2015) with retina display (HiDPI), and the rendered 
> HTML messages appear way too small to be read. 
> Lastly, but this is a minor drawback, is it possible to enlarge the font used 
> for the subject line? By default it is smaller than the font used for the 
> From, To, and Date fields, and it appears weird.

The latter issue can certainly be dealt with by creating a custom header theme using the Grantlee functionality and perhaps also the former, given that with the Grantlee theme can have an impact beyond the header.

To learn about Grantlee themeing, I suggest googling for "grantlee kmail" and similar queries.
There is a GUI, but I only got some success in creating my own theme (nothing related to HiDPI) by creating it manually. Documentation is scarceā€¦ and there are some issues, for example and that external CSS (so not in the HTML file itself) do not seem to work.

For me, the themes are in


each in their own directory.

I've put a theme I've made in attachment. You can see that with the CSS you can have control over both the header (which you can wholly design using the theme HTML-like language) and the body (whose HTML you cannot control).


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