KMail HTML viewer: font size

solitone solitone at
Mon Dec 12 11:03:24 GMT 2016

On Saturday, December 10, 2016 11:04:57 PM CET Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> > is it possible to enlarge the font
> > used for the subject line? By default it is smaller than the font used
> > for the From, To, and Date fields, and it appears weird.
> [This] issue can certainly be dealt with by creating a custom header
> theme using the Grantlee functionality 

Thanks Erik, I'll explore that way. I've seen your theme ans seen how header 
appearance can be effectively controlled.

> For me, the themes are in
> 	$HOME/.kde4/share/apps/messageviewer/themes/
> each in their own directory.

BTW, from me they are in:

As a final note, I also tried to download some additional themes (menu View - 
Headers - Download New Themes...), but I always end up with an empty window 
saying "All categories are missing", and nothing happens. I found a bug opened 
on this issue:

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