[kdepim-users] Something strange going on in kmail or opensuse.org list?

ianseeks ianseeks at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 2 12:32:58 BST 2015


I originally received 6 emails, all according to the Message list view, from 
Basil Chupin, with the identical time stamp. 

If you open them up to read, 1 is from Basil Chupin of which one appears to be 
the original email so correct time stamp. 

5 of them are duplicate replies from James Knott and are identical in content 
and the time stamp is identical to Basils' original email. They are all 
replies to a reply from Xen (whose email i haven't got yet). 

All the replies (up to about 10 duplicates now) actually have the same subject 
but is a different subject (" touchpad thing in KDE/kernel") to Basils 
original email (which has now disappeared).  But the Message list view still 
shows the replies as being to Basils original email and with his original 

How do they all get the same timestamp as Basil's original mail and why do 
they all show in the message list as being from Basil?

Here are the message ids for the original email from Basil and a few of the 

Original - Message-ID: <55E6736F.2080102 at iinet.net.au>

reply 1 - Message-ID: <55E64C8F.4050206 at rogers.com>
reply 2 - Message-ID: <55E64C8F.4050206 at rogers.com>
reply 3 - Message-ID: <55E64C8F.4050206 at rogers.com>
reply 4 - Message-ID: <55E64C8F.4050206 at rogers.com>

I've since had this happen to another email and replies.  I did post this to 
opensuse.org list to see if anyone had any ideas.



Opensuse Tumbleweed, KDE/kmail 4.4.10
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