[kdepim-users] q: Kontact > External Editor -- activate via keyboard shortcut?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 15:49:45 GMT 2014

On Thursday November 13 2014 10:12:05 Pablo Sanchez wrote:

Hi Pablo,

I find Kontact better suited to my needs than Thunderbird, although I could live with that one despite its ugly new UI.
KMail has many little goodies like ML detection and expiry I can configure per-folder e.g. to trash all ML messages that are still unread after a couple of days, etc.

>I think my needs a lot easier.  At the Compose window, I'd like to be
>able to choose one of the three methods.

Ah, but that doesn't seem to involve invoking the external editor, right?

>If by /shortcut editor/ you mean the /Configure Shortcuts/ screen,
>yes, I looked there before posting.  I don't see any /Action/ related
>to an External Editor.

Yes, that's what I meant. I don't even see an "edit with external editor" menu action, actually, but if you know how to trigger that you can define a custom shortcut in /systemsettings/shortcuts and gestures/. In principle that works for any menu action that you can activate via a series of keystrokes.

>I do see what you mean with mysqld chewing up quite a bit of
>resources.  At the moment, it's quite CPU bound.  Almost suggesting

That's also the impression I was getting when I played arount a bit with "atsar" and zpool iostat. Though with ZFSonLinux it is sometimes hard to say if the CPU load is in the application or in the filesystem drivers.

>we're missing an index or two.  Although it could be that we're
>issuing many, many point-SELECT's.  I may enable some query logging to
>see what's going on.

Gee, I must have set you off onto something. Hopefully we'll all gain something out of it :)

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