[kdepim-users] KMail 4.11.1 - Hangs on 'Retrieving Folder Contents'?

Paul Sobey buddha at the-annexe.net
Thu Sep 12 10:36:34 BST 2013

On Sat, 7 Sep 2013, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
>> Since upgrading to 4.11 (and since then 4.11.1) Kmail seems to be
>> almost unusable. CPU is pegged between kmail/akonadi/akonadi_imap
>> resources (in seemingly varying quantities after kmail and akonadi
>> restarts.
> I experienced the same problems with 4.11. I went back to 4.10 for now
> because I didn't have time for extensive problem analysis.

Eeek. This is a work machine and I don't have much time for extensive 
debug either.

I spent some time rebuilding all of my config from scratch on Tuesday:

- clean all akonadi/kmail config in .kde4/.local/.config that I could find
- kill all akonadi and kmail processes
- start akonadi, connect to primary mailbox only
- add second mailbox after a few hours when I was sure it was stable and

It all seemed to behave well for a time, then I locked the machine, went 
home, and had a day off.

Having come back in 48 hours later, akonadi stopped collecting email 
sometime on Tuesday, issued an akonadictl restart, and now the cpu has 
gone crazy again, a mix between kmail/akonadi/nepomuk. Worse, it doesn't 
appear to be background tasks, opening new emails takes several minutes 
each. It's pretty unusable.

>> 2 IMAP mailboxes, one 'current' against Exchange 2007, one 'archive'
>> containing a large volume of mail, anything older than about a week.
>> The archive contains multiple folders, each containing between
>> 3000-12000 emails.
> Hmm. I have a lot more IMAP mailboxes. One of those also is on an
> Exchange server, but I think it's 2010. What I've noticed with KMail
> 4.11/Akonadi 1.10 (and what I'm also seeing with KMail 4.10.5 and
> Akonadi 1.9.2, but without apparent negative effects) is that KMail is
> syncing the folders of the Exchange account incessantly. The Exchange
> account has lots of folders so I suspect that once all folders have been
> synced KMail immediately starts another syncing round.
> Do you also see this incessant folder syncing?

Yes - exactly what I'm seeing in akonadiconsole now. Round and round. Plus 
mailbox 2 is a dovecot imap mailbox, same behaviour.

> Since the incessant syncing doesn't cause any problems with 4.10 it's
> probably a red herring.
>> Any extra info I can provide, let me know.
> For an online debugging session try to catch Daniel Vrátil (or Kevin
> Krammer or Volker Krause) at the #akonadi IRC channel on
> irc.freenode.org.

I'll try and do this. For obvious reasons it's rather hard to jump onto 
IRC at work. I wonder if either of them would be amenable to a bit of 
email dialogue.

Something is definitely wrong here. I can't believe this release hasn't 
had much testing, but I also can't believe there is something terribly odd 
about my setup either.

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