[kdepim-users] How to email to a list of people?

Michel Pitermann michel.pitermann at lpl-aix.fr
Tue Nov 5 05:59:50 GMT 2013

> The whole "group/list" thing seems to be a bit of a mess. I have found
> that basically every upgrade kills the groups I have created, regardless
> of method, and I have to recreate them.
> So I keep a mail sent to said groups when they work as templates so that
> it is easy to recreate the groups after an upgrade.
> Having done so they normally work fine until next upgrade. Check that
> your group does not have a bunch of empty "members" following the
> upgrade, that is sadly what I often encounter.

I was not upgrading KMail.  It was a first install.  I have that problem with 
group creation.  I checked the .vcf files, they have no empty fields and are 
correctly built.  This is something else.  Thanks anyway for your suggestion,



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