[kdepim-users] How to email to a list of people?

Michel Pitermann michel.pitermann at lpl-aix.fr
Fri Nov 15 11:46:36 GMT 2013

> Did this recently for house-moving purposes.
>   Using Select, find the group list. Then expand it to show the whole list.
> Then select every entry by holding Mouse Button 1 down over the whole list.
>   Then choose e.g. 'To' , 'BCC' or whatever.
> No, presumably it's not working properly, but it can be made to do the
> job...

It is almost not usable.  First, it puts the name of the list in front of 
every address cluttering the TO field in a bad way.  Second, and most 
importantly, each name containing a space cannot be processed by KMail because 
it doubles the < and > signs.  For example, I am entered in my database as:

  Pitermann  Michel<michel.pitermann at lpl-aix.fr>

This is translated using your method in:

  List_Name <Pitermann Michel <michel.pitermann at lpl-aix.fr>>

When I send the email, KMail gives this error message: "The email address you 
entered is not valid because it contains too many closing angle brackets.". I 
have to manage a list of around 50 clubs.  I cannot edit 30 addresses every 
time. Third, when I create a group, it is not created as a list and it does 
not appear in the Select list.  I only have "List of Emails", "Distribution 
Lists", "Recent Addresses", and "Recipient Lists".  To make a Group appear in 
the Select chooser, I have to manually transform the Group in a List.  To do 
that, I have to go in the ~/.local/share/contacts directory, I have to find 
which file contains the new Group using a string search tool, and I have to add 
with a text editor this line:

  CATEGORIES:List of Emails

As you can see, it is a real pain.  I can do that, but my father will not be 
able to do it.

So, is there another means ?  Thanks for your reply anyway.



Michel Pitermann
CNRS - Aix-Marseille University            Laboratoire Parole et Langage
5 avenue Pasteur, BP 80975         13604 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 1, France
tel: +33 - (0)4 13 55 27 05
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