[kdepim-users] Connecting KMail and KAddressBook version

Michel Pitermann michel.pitermann at lpl-aix.fr
Sun Nov 3 22:31:27 GMT 2013

On Sunday, November 03, 2013 10:36:26 PM Marc Deop Argemí wrote:
> You need to feed the contacts information into nepomuk via an agent called
> "Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder"
> run "aconadiconsole" and check the Agents tap in order to look for it. IIRC
> there was a but associated to it in 4.11.1 so you need to restart it (or
> toggle off/on I can't remember)

I do not have the kdepim suite 4.11.1 but 4.4.x.  I ran akonadiconsole and 
there were no "Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder" agent.  I only have 
"akonadi_kabc_resource_n" where the last "n" stands for 1 to 5 with "No KDE 
address book plugin configured yet", and "Mail Dispatcher Agent", "Personal 
Calendar", "Local Folders", and "Personal Contacts" which is my imported 
address book.

I added an agent "KDE Address Book (traditional)" that I made to point to the 
directory of my "Personal Contacts".  I called it "Default Address Book".  I 
found it with the right data in KAddressBook but the Composer window of KMail 
did not see it and did not connect it to its own "Default Address Book".  I 
therefore could not see it in the "Select" button of the Composer window.  It 
however shows that akonadiconsole was connected to KAddressBook.

I also right-clicked an email address in the KMail email window asking to add 
the email to my Personal Contacts using the "Add to Address Book" button of 
the contextual menu.  The email was properly added in KAddressBook.  That 
showed that the KMail was connected to KAddressBook sending the right data 
from KMail to KAddressBook.  But I have not succeeded yet to tell KMail that 
my Default Address Book was Personal Contacts :-(

Thanks for your answer.  If you have other suggestions, I would be happy to 
know it :-)  Best regards,



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