[kdepim-users] Connecting KMail and KAddressBook version

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Mon Nov 4 10:42:07 GMT 2013

On Sunday, 2013-11-03, 23:31:27, Michel Pitermann wrote:
> On Sunday, November 03, 2013 10:36:26 PM Marc Deop Argemí wrote:
> > You need to feed the contacts information into nepomuk via an agent called
> > "Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder"
> > 
> > run "aconadiconsole" and check the Agents tap in order to look for it.
> > IIRC
> > there was a but associated to it in 4.11.1 so you need to restart it (or
> > toggle off/on I can't remember)
> I do not have the kdepim suite 4.11.1 but 4.4.x.  I ran akonadiconsole and
> there were no "Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder" agent.  I only have
> "akonadi_kabc_resource_n" where the last "n" stands for 1 to 5 with "No KDE
> address book plugin configured yet"

You can remove those if you want. Look like artefacts of a failed automated 

> Thanks for your answer.  If you have other suggestions, I would be happy to
> know it :-)  Best regards,

maybe this helps:
kcmshell4 kresources

switch to contacts if that is not the view it comes up with.
Check there is either an entry of type "akonadi" or one of type "file" 
(pointing to the vCard file you are using), and it is marked as Default.


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