[kdepim-users] KMail frequently fails to fetch mail - need to clear akonadi cache

Paul Sobey buddha at the-annexe.net
Tue Nov 5 11:14:45 GMT 2013

On Mon, 4 Nov 2013, ITSEF Admin wrote:
> Problem 1: In Kontact e35, there was a setting to get KMail to reconnect
> automatically once the server is back - and that worked just fine.
> Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find such a setting in the new KMail - is
> there a way to get Kmail to reconnect automatically like in the old KMail?

Same (or similar) problem here. Two imap connections, one to an Exchange 
mailbox, one to a Dovevot service. The Exchange one frequently dies (I 
don't think the service is particularly well managed by our provider so it 
may not be a good example of Exchange imap), and the only solution I've 
found is to 'akonadictl restart', which wakes it all back up again. I have 
to do this most mornings and often during the day as well. Some sort of 
auto-restart of the imap client processes would be most welcome.


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