[kdepim-users] handling akonadi and nepomuk

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Mon Aug 6 17:46:44 BST 2012


I run rsync on every login/logout of my base users to sync the data from
individual computers from/to the server. In the past I used NFS, but
with mobile computers this is no longer functional (to slow, unreliable
network ...).

At logout my akonadi (and probably my nepomuk) is still running
(shutting down) so my rsync copies open files to the server and with
this back from the server at next login. So I have (at least sometimes)
broken database files.

How can I make sure that all processes accessing akonadi db files and
nepomuk db files are finished so that it is safe to copy them to the

akonadictl is not the right tool here. It can shutdown the akonadi
database but afaik it returns immediately. An option to wait until it is
shut down would be great.

For nepomuk I don't even know any command line tools to check, start or
stop nepomuk (is there any?).

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